Thursday, October 5, 2017

A Fair to Remember

All last week Nora asked me when it was time to ride a roller coaster.

"I hope it goes so fast!" "I hope it goes upside down!" "I hope I can ride it a hundred times!"
Then she developed a fever.

The Hempstead County District Fair comes for a solid week, and as Nora kept a thermometer under her arm, the days passed by. The fever stayed until the weekend arrived and she woke up ravenous and cool as a cucumber. She downed her donuts and we rolled out on the final day of the fair.

Nora was stuck in a stroller the last time time we went to this fair, so she was ready to make up for lost time. Our first stop was the dragon coaster she had been dreaming of all week. Nathan sat by her so she wouldn't be scared {or at least that's what he told us}. We watched her eyes widen to saucers as the dragon began crawling around the course. Then it stopped. Then it quickly rushed backward. Then it stopped for good. We got our tickets back, but that taste of the carnival ride rush had Nora hooked.

This was the first year we actually used up all of our tickets. The boys were boosted by Nora's courage and they both tested out new rides. Nora and Owen waved at us on every loop of the car ride and Nathan tried to suppress his laughter at each chicken joke I shouted from beside the carousel. He was riding a chicken, and I am hilarious. It was a winning combination.

As much as I am into adrenaline-inducing activities, such activities can only go in a straight line. I typically keep the lame title of popcorn holder at amusement parks, but when my daughter asked me to ride the Ferris Wheel, I rode the Ferris Wheel. She had to remove my grip at one point, but we had a blast. She loved seeing the whole fair and her tiny daddy down below.

After the rides we followed the booming call of people who wanted to trade our dollars for junk prizes. We may have played a certain game many times to obtain three fidget spinners. Nora also picked a winning duck for an inflatable princess hammer {a quick regret} and the boys popped balloons like professionals. After a little boys-versus-girls bumper cars, we were walking out of the midway to call an end to the fun. Until we heard a voice...

"Hey Burger Head!"

We looked over to see a clown sitting in a dunking booth, directing her jeers at us. We laughed and kept walking, all except Nora who continued to stare. "What are you looking at?!" Owen smack-talked the clown under his breath and we explained it was part of the act. Then Jonathan decided to show him the rest of the act. After two close throws at the longest-distance fair target I've ever seen, he hit it and down she splashed. She surfaced laughing and thanking us because it was unusually hot for the close of September.

Not only did our kids throw their arms up and cheer, so did everyone close enough to know what happened. You better believe my husband walked out of that fair with his day made. I was too into the action to photograph it, but there are plenty of witnesses who will vouch for him.

Even though this is my second fair post in a month, this was one had more excitement and less animal poop!
Have you ridden any fair rides lately? Which is your favorite? Have a great Thursday, y,all.

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