Monday, October 9, 2017

Ball is Life

Before this school year, Nora had never been part of organized anything {chaos withheld}.

With the start of preschool, however, came the proof of her ability to listen carefully and take direction. Who knew? Four is the golden age for extracurricular activities around here, and we like our kids to try them one at a time to learn what they like. I'm sure hamming it up at a dance recital is in Nora's future, but this year she wanted to be a baller. We signed her up for soccer, she picked out the pinkest cleats, and the rest is adorable history.

The season started in September and it's been a fun one. Yes, it's hot and involves more running than my daughter is accustomed to, but she tries hard. Her kicks are strong and she hustles like a pro. She listens carefully to her coach's instructions and takes her time to do it right. Nora will gladly reveal that her favorite part is the pregame hands in and "Team McDonald's!" followed by the multiple rounds of high-five and "Good game!" afterward. I'd say that earns her some sportsmanship notoriety?

She doesn't care if she and her fellow McDonald's nuggets win,
as long as there's a cold Gatorade waiting beside somebody's mom.

Before this season began, we thought Owen and Nora would get to wear the same jerseys, but the park shook things up this year. Nora's team consists of only four- and five-year-olds. As you could guess, it's basically them running in groups, wildly kicking and hoping to make contact. Owen has moved up a league where things get a little more serious {and they actually keep score!}. My son has even gotten to play goalie for a period or two each game, and he's doing great.

{This is the face of a kid with a goal assist.}

It really depends on if his desire to be a good player is there, but the ability is present. He played an incredible game last Thursday, outrunning the other team, turning the ball toward the goal, and even diving to block shots while playing goalie. His tournament starts this week, and I'm one eager fan.

He, too, likes the hand-slapping and good gaming. I mean, do you ever outgrow that?

The most hilarious thing that's been born from two kids on two soccer fields {often at the same time} is that this season has cemented my status. I've had the mom wagon for a while and I've stored folding chairs in the back of it since Nathan was four, but I've just now become a Soccer Mom. I can pack-mule it with the best of them while my husband helps coach whichever team needs him that night. I have cold drinks at the ready, dollars for Nathan to get some nachos, and an eagle eye that jumps from field to field. I have probably received an eye roll for the sheer volume of my cheering {or my "GET BACK IN THE GOAL AND WATCH THE BALL, OWEN!!"}.

I am unapologetic. Ball, apparently, is life.

Happy Monday, y'all! Make it a good one. :)

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