Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Behind the Grins

Warning: I'm going to do a bit of oversharing on today's blog post.

{Yes, even more than normal.}

For the second year in a row, Mandy with Bright Images corralled our bunch in a rustic setting and attempted to capture memories. We loved our family pictures last year, and we think this year's set is even better. Mandy is great with the kids and she can turn even the whiniest session into something you are proud to splatter across Facebook. Please reach out to her if you're in the southwest Arkansas area and tell her I sent you.

This particular "fall" photo shoot took place on a day that hit 90 degrees. Thankfully I knew this ahead of time so there was no sweater nor flannel involved. We also later learned that my poor daughter had a fever during the shoot, so if she looks a bit uncomfortable in the photos, there's a reason for it. Mom of the Year right here, folks.

Today's post does include a few sneaks from the completed session Mandy sent me the other day, but I thought I'd add an entertaining twist. I'm captioning a handful of photos with what we may have been thinking. Some of them were spoken word-for-word. I'll let you guess which.

Me: "Owen, stop trying to drag us down the path and try harder to pretend like you're full of joy!"
Jonathan: "I hope this is really the last one."
Nora: "I hate picture day."
Nathan: "I succeed at most things, including taking direction from photographers."

Boys: "Now, we're talking! Let's throw things!"
Nora: "I will not participate, but there's a very slight chance that I might think this is a little fun."
Arkansas: "The leaves sure are lovely fall shades of brown, dead, and crunchy this year."

Owen: "Is it time to play in the leaves yet?"

Nora: "I'll give you eyes, but you'll have to work a lot harder for smile."

Me: "I'm trying not to throw up and maintain an expression of marital bliss."
Jonathan: "Here, I'll spin you the other way to balance it."
Me: "Um... can we take some where I'm sitting now??"

Nathan: "We are hot."
Owen: "We are sweaty."
Jonathan: "And we still make it look good."


Happy Hump Day, y'all.

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