Friday, October 27, 2017

Carver's Delight

I have to let y'all in on a little fall-time secret, so gather 'round.

If you don't buy the biggest carving pumpkins you can pull out of the pile, the carving process is enjoyable! Each year we've snagged three huge pumpkins for our kids, and each year they're done when they learn it takes hours to move from food to decoration. Last night we just let the kids carve the mini versions we picked up at the farm, and we were done before dark. And I don't have a case of carver's wrist today!

Perhaps the Jack-O-Lanterns' stature makes them less menacing, but the kids had time to pose for a picture, then chase each other around the backyard in costume. Common sense? Perhaps. Still a success. Pro tip: Get tiny pumpkins, get tiny orange saws, get a small bowl for the minimal pumpkin guts, and spend your evening with pizza and a movie.

Everyone designed their own: Nathan thought imitation was the sincerest form of flattery, Owen wanted his as goofy as possible, and Nora went with the old stand-by. Owen was the only one brave enough to touch the stringy guts, but everyone attempted a bit of the carving. This just meant Nora stabbing the pumpkin lid while I did the work, but she beamed with pride. We sat the jacks on the porch and gave the cat a stern lecture. To my surprise, they were in the same place this morning.

Our fall family merriment will continue into the weekend when we embrace the dropping temperatures in our backyard tonight, then send Nathan to his first costume party tomorrow {I won't make a big deal of it, promise}. After all that we'll be ready for a Trick-or-Treat Tuesday. You can see that two-thirds of my kids are ready, but Owen is still up in the air. He wouldn't commit to anything at the costume store, so he's going to make do with what we have. He could be anything from a cop to a skeleton to the ball player pictured above. Stay tuned!

Are you ready for Halloween or are you planning a last-minute scramble like Owen? Whatever you do, be careful. You never know what's lurking on the other side of the door...

{Please disregard the dirty windows and permanently glued Easter stickers. Yeah, mostly the Easter stickers.}

Happy Weekend, friends!


Desperately Seeking Gina said...

Ha! Your kids are so adorable. They did a great job carving!

Unknown said...

What a great idea about small pumpkins! The gutting is always the worst part, but I’ve never thought of this.

Jessica Bauer said...

Thanks for reading, y'all! Sarah, I thought it was so crazy that it look me so long to realize the little ones carve just the same with less time and mess. We had all three pumpkins done in under an hour.