Monday, October 30, 2017

Fireside Chats

I saw no less than six Facebook photos and/or videos of crackling fires Friday night.

{My husband included.}

Arkansas decided to jump from summer to winter this weekend, so we marked Friday night as a good time to break in the fire pit. The weather was perfect and the kids were excited to bundle up and enjoy the crisp air {except for when that crisp air shifted and blew smoke into their faces}. Still, they persevered.

Once we finished our supper, Jonathan took the kids outside to gather sticks and teach fire safety to the chickens. The sun was setting and an eerie warm glow covered everything. I was watching the colors dance on my family through the kitchen window when Jonathan sent me a rather urgent "come here" signal. I went to see why they would possibly need my help, but I was stopped in my tracks by the sunset. Streaks of pink and blue created an alien sky and my children danced beneath it. I stared for a minute, then did my best to catch it:

The pink faded to night in a matter of minutes, so we loaded our marshmallow sticks. Although my family is very into the idea of s'mores, Nathan and I are the only ones who will actually consume them. That doesn't stop everyone from making them, though... and we dined like kings. Once we had our fill, we settled in for spooky stories. It was Hallo-Weekend, after all.

The moon peered through the dark clouds and the kids were quick to scan both sky and ground with every rustling noise. Although each story started once upon a time and ended happily every after, the distance between kids and parents shortened with every tale. After a particularly harrowing story that Nora herself told about sleeping in beds that came to life, she was ready to close up shop. We assured her the stories she knows she made up aren't real and we put the s'more ingredients away until next time.

We had a very busy weekend, but I'm so glad we kicked it off with a little family time. I love the traditions I see forming among our party of five. Even if we set up camp just ten steps behind our house and we don't all appreciate the gooey goodness of outside dessert, I wouldn't trade that night for the world. It was all about slowing down, enjoying each other, and welcoming the new season.

I'm looking forward to more of that as our seasons continue to turn.

{Three kids. Three marshmallows. Guess which one's on fire and win a prize!}

Happy Monday, y'all. What did you do this weekend?


Kerry Schultz said...

Sitting around the fire side with friends and family is one of the best things in the world. We always do it on weekends and bake marsh mellows. Thanks for writing on such an amazing topic friend.

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