Friday, October 20, 2017

Preschoolers on Parade

Dressed as fun-sized cheerleader, my daughter took her place on a hay bale with a fistful of candy.

Her preschool teacher's first rule was "Don't eat all the candy before the parade starts!" but Nora didn't mind. She had a mission, and her mission was to wave and throw the candy as hard as possible. She was a bit worried when she realized being on a float in the homecoming parade meant actually riding on a trailer, but tensions eased when her friends filled in around her.

During a short break from posing and cheesing for moms holding cameras {yes, me}, Nora took note of all the decorations. She was thrilled to find her four favorite letters! "My name's on a bell, Mom!" I didn't explain the intricacies of a megaphone, but perhaps she'll figure it out one day. Once I realized there were enough moms on the float to keep the kids secure, I left with the boys to find the best spot.

{Not before asking Nora to stay put so we could park on her side. Obviously, she was going to throw us the good stuff.}

Owen and Nathan bobbed around in front of our courthouse parking spot, watching for the telltale police lights. We knew it was time when we could feel the bass drum's vibrations in the pavement. Both boys made sure to free up their pockets before taking their place street-side.

We positioned ourselves at the start of the parade route, so every cheerleader, football player, and crown-wearing queen was free with the candy. We racked up, basically. When Nora's class came by, I jumped up to loudly proclaim their cuteness. Maybe the boys said it was embarrassing, but that's the name of the game.

Once the five-minute parade passed by, we did our part to clean candy from the street and went to find the youngest member of our crew. When Nora unloaded, she regretted to inform us they ran out of candy before the parade ended. Luckily for her, we gave her a share of the stash covering my floorboards.

That's one round of hometown fun checked off our weekend list. Tonight we're going to sit under the Friday night lights at my own alma mater, and tomorrow bright and early we're pumpkin patch bound.

Weekend, here we come! Happy Friday, friends.

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