Thursday, November 23, 2017

Day of Thanks

It's a great day to be grateful, isn't it?

While thankfulness shouldn't be reserved for just one in 365, today is the official holiday of turkey and thanks. Dressing and blessings. Eating and warm greetings. Gratitude and platitudes. {Okay, I'll stop.} Today families across the country are joining together to celebrate Thanksgiving in their own ways. And no matter whether you're gathering around the table at grandma's or at Cracker Barrel, this day is earmarked for appreciating the togetherness.

We have big plans today and it's almost time to get to it, but first I'd like to focus on our reasons for the season. I am thankful that I get to spend my holiday with a table full of some of my favorite relatives, and I'm also thankful that you're taking the time today to read my words. I don't say it enough, so thank you for thinking I am interesting enough to hold your attention. Holiday high-fives all around.

Now, you and I both know it wouldn't be a proper Bauer Family Thanksgiving post if I didn't share a little Q&A session, along with more of this year's family photos from Bright Images. Following are directly quoted answers to the timely question: "What are you thankful for?

Age: 34
Thankful For: "I am thankful for a love that’s never ceasing. I am thankful for a slightly slower life this year that let me soak up a little more time with my family. I am thankful for friends to bow my head with in the morning darkness, thanking God for His grace in our lives."

Age: 33
Thankful For: "This year I am thankful for relationships. I am thankful to have beautiful relationships when it comes to my faith, both with God and with the people and places that deepen that connection. I am thankful to have an ever-changing relationship with my children. As they grow in what they need from me, they allow me room to do the same. Lastly I am thankful for the most important bond I have, with Jonathan. He gives me strength, courage, confidence, and purpose. And I sure do love him."

Age: 10
Thankful For: "I am thankful for God and family because they help me get through life. I am also thankful for my iPod touch because I get to play games on it and talk to my friends. I am mainly thankful for Owen, though, because he's my only brother so he likes boy stuff and he's the one who likes to play with me the most."

Age: 6
Thankful For: "I’m thankful for God because He made us. I am thankful for Louis because he attacks bad bugs like mosquitoes and he eats mice and likes to play on the trampoline. And he purrs when I pet him. And I’m thankful for life because nature is beautiful and my life is fun."

Age: 4
Thankful For: "I'm thank you for God because I love Him because I love His heart. I’m thank you for {points to Owen} and {points to me} because y’all are so cute! I'm thank you for Daddy and Nathan because Dad calls me Fluffy and Nathan jumps on the trampoline with me. And I like the Christmas tree because it’s almost Christmas."

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Enjoy your holiday, friends. Notice the faces around your table and count your blessings.
Happy Thanksgiving, from my family to yours!

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