Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Early Birds

Today I'm going to give a crash course in the apologetics of premature Christmas decorating.

After all, the Early Bird puts up the tree, right? Since Halloween wrapped and many went straight for the red and green, I have read some strong Facebook opinions. There are those who decked the halls on November 1, not thinking twice about what other people thought. Good on you, Christmas lovers. I've also seen many striving to maintain the sanctity of Thanksgiving. Stockings and garlands are for the day after the bird, and not a minute sooner. I can see this point, too.

I am typically a Grinch when it comes to most things, but last year I joined the early bandwagon. If you happen to stop by and peek in our windows, you'll see I'm still on it. The bunch spent Monday afternoon decking the halls and jamming to Christmas pop from the '80s, '90s, and today. Does that make you angry?

This jumping of the gun does not involve the reasons many are shouting from social media rooftops, however. I didn't decorate because I am on the same holly-jolly level as Buddy the Elf. That could not be further from the truth {ask Jonathan}. Therefore, in the effort of both explanation and perpetuating arguments, I am listing ten reasons it was wise for me to break out the Christmas lights before Thanksgiving.

Let the debate begin.
  1. Decorating for Christmas is an awful, cluttered, glittery, and chaotic event. Future Jessica is always thankful when Past Jessica takes care of business.

  2. Coming home from a Thanksgiving feast and seeing the new holiday ready to roll is a gift in itself.

  3. We do not have a ton of Christmas decor because my brain won't allow it, but it still packs many more items into my small house. Early decorating allows my OCD extra time to adjust.

  4. The closer it gets to December 25, the less I want to do it.

  5. I don't have babies anymore. No one is going to dangle from a tree nor rearrange the ornaments in a way that makes my eye twitch.

  6. The earlier Christmas cheer arrives, the more likely I am to make a list and check it twice. This is going to be the year I don't scramble last minute! Just, you know, putting it out there...

  7. There's something cozy about a living room lit by Christmas glow and knowing I can keep it for an entire month.

  8. It takes a solid week or so to vacuum and sweep the microscopic pieces of dropped ornaments.

  9. Having it up early gives us more time to look at the ornaments and remember the memories that go with them. Even the one from 2008 that Nathan hung on the tree and recalled a time he called "the good ol' days." {I was thinking that when I grabbed 2006's Our First Christmas ornament, but don't tell him that.}

  10. My kids love it. And they have much more of a propensity toward candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrup.

Also, as hardcore as I am in the belief that Epiphany is on January 6, our tree will be boxed on Boxing Day. {Hey, maybe the British have this figured out...} January starts a clean slate for me, and that is as figurative as it is literal. I shall celebrate those twelve days religiously, but not decoratively. For the record, I understand there are plenty of reasons to wait to decorate until after Thanksgiving. If I hosted the November feast at my house it would render the above points moot. But this year I am not, and you better believe that Christmas tree is already center stage.

Now, what about you?? Have I greatly offended you with this post, or are you reading it with your feet propped up on the couch, basking in the glow of Christmas? Be sure to claim your side in the comments and have a lovely Wednesday!


Unknown said...

You had me at a "crash course in the apologetics of premature Christmas decorating." I do love a good list, and this is terrific. Way to state your case. :)

Katharine said...

You are one good laugh maker! Loved this. Thanks.

Jessica Bauer said...

Thank you, ladies!! This was a fun one to write. :)