Friday, December 1, 2017

Dear December

Maybe it's just me and my anxiety, but the homestretch of anything is a bit intimidating.

Did I do everything I was supposed to do? Did I grow enough? Change enough? Learn enough? Did I leave a big enough mark to let it lie and move forward? Basically, is this project ready to turn in?

This year is just a handful of weeks from being due to the teacher and at this point {as always} I'm wondering what happened to the rest of it. While it's not over yet, I already find myself going back to check my work. Although the shocking realization of unpreparedness is part of all my Decembers, I am glad the year ends with such hope. Advent is a beautiful time {you know, after the Christmas decorating's done} and I love that we spend time remembering we're waiting for more than a simple calendar flip. It's a huge reminder/reality check for my stress levels.

While today is the beginning of the end, I'd rather not fret over making most of what's left. So I shall turn this post into a wish list. 'Tis the season, after all. Following are a few things I have written to the month of December to help make this a both holly and jolly season:

Dear December,

I wish you would bring snow! But, you know, just enough to where it looks pretty for exactly one day and then melts completely the next. Thanks in advance.

I wish the magic you put into my children's eyes could never fade. Interest in Santa and Rudolph and maybe even Buddy will wane over time, but I pray the magic stays.

I wish for the ability to help my kids realize where that magic comes from. This holiday season is not just one of merriment, but one of patience. Help us prepare as we wait for the greatest gift of all.

I wish for a little extra time, December. It's a jam-packed month, but I'd like to spend some of those frosty nights in the hot tub with my love.

I wish for long quiet mornings lit by the Christmas tree and warmed by a coffee cup.

I wish for willpower when it comes to all those holiday Ghiradelli squares. You know the ones.

I wish to actually, truly surprise my husband with a birthday gift this year. Or at least spend some QT with him if I can't keep a secret.

I wish to not be home when the UPS man comes to my house every single day this month. Amazon Prime, you and your free shipping are killing the game.

I wish to sleep until at least 6:00 on December 25. Can we this year, kids? Please?

I wish to soak in every last drop of the holidays this year. Time is doing nothing but moving and it's taking my babies with it. I want to live through their joy and hold on to the magic.

What are you wishing for this December?
Have a wonderful weekend, y'all.


Georgeanne Yehling said...

What a great post. I hope the magic stays in your babies, too! I think the magic has mostly stayed for me ... this is my favorite time of year, for so many reasons. My wish for December is that I slow down and enjoy it and realize this year isn't over yet. I can still get done things I wanted to do and I don't have to feel discouraged for not getting them done this year. We can start at the end and make it our beginning! January 1st is just a calendar date.

And a little snow, just to make things pretty ... I'd like that, too. And to feel cozy. Today it is 68 degrees here. I am still going to make a hearty beef pot pie because I just ... need coziness to start ASAP!

Jessica Bauer said...

Cozy is my favorite, Georgeanne! It's supposed to be 22 degrees in the morning, which is not nearly enough degrees in my opinion, but I am already dreaming of the pile of blankets I'll have on top of me. Hope you're doing well!! :)

Lauren Scott said...

This is such a sweet post. My babies are 8 and 6 and yes, growing up way too fast! It is fun to share all that is December with them, though. :-)