Friday, January 12, 2018

Winter Break Adventure

For the first time in a long time, there is sweet silence in my home.

All I can hear is the gentle whir of the washing machine. Winter break has come and gone and I have reclaimed my free-day Friday. Although I do believe there is a conspiracy that is stretching winter break a little more each year, we actually had a great one. This week has been tough getting back in the swing of school and work and routine, but today I've found some peace. And with that... time to blog! Today I'd like to share an adventure from our break.

Before the kids stepped onto school campuses for the first time this calendar year, we wanted a little family fun. We originally planned to catch a movie last Saturday, but Jonathan flipped the script by suggesting a Hot Springs day. The kids voted Mid-America Museum and off we went. The last time the five of us visited the museum, Nora was weeks old. I carried a diaper bag that was beyond regulation size and we had two strollers. This trip was much easier.

Nora had never truly experienced a museum before, so it was fun watching through her eyes. She bounced from exhibit to exhibit and her overuse of "so cool" made her seem older than four. Highlights included the permanent shadow poses, shrinking beside a mastodon skeleton, bravely testing electric currents, and trying to get plastic balls through a water maze. We probably even learned a thing or two.

It was surreal that both Nathan and Owen were reading the instructions and descriptions to us. And before too long, Nora will join them. All three kids crowded around a microscope, watching the tiny rocks become fossils before their eyes. They explored and we watched. Yeah, it was just basically the opposite of that 2013 visit.

In my last post I listed family adventure as one of my goals for 2018 and I think we're off to a great start. As the kids grow older and get involved in more activities and our jobs start to evolve, I know how important this will be. I can already feel time slipping faster that I want it to, but all we can do is make the most of it.

... Which is why today I am doing nothing. :)

Happy Friday, friends! Have some fun this weekend. You deserve it.

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Hamilton, Jennifer said...

It must seem surreal. Proud parents.