Sunday, March 11, 2018

Owen: Age 7

No time like a seventh birthday to dust off the old blog, am I right?

It's been a very busy 2018, but yesterday was Owen's birthday and that calls for a break in the silence. Seven is a fun one! Baby faces start to shape into something similar but new, conversations get deeper, and the evolution from little kid to big begins. I will always remember that exciting night my nine-pound bundle entered this world, but it has gotten better with time. Owen is excelling in first grade, and is the guy to beat in reading battles. He's a good friend, he looks out for his buddies, and he has a firm grasp on right versus wrong. {I think the Cub Scout oath has something to do with that.}

Instead of continuing to rattle on and on, I'll let Owen speak for himself. Following are the answers to his official Bauer Kid Birthday interview. Enjoy!

Birthday Interview: 20 Questions
  1. What's your favorite color?
    Green, and I have no reason why.

  2. What is your favorite thing to do?
    Jump on the trampoline. I like to do flips and walk on my hands.

  3. What do you want to be when you grow up?
    *after much thought* I don't really have a plan yet.

  4. What is your favorite food?
    Macaroni and chicken nuggets and cheese roll-ups.

  5. What is your favorite TV show?
    Spongebob because it's funny. Patrick is my favorite guy.

  6. What is your favorite animal?
    *after verifying that extinct animals count* Dinosaurs.

  7. What is your favorite toy?
    I don't really play with anything, but I do play with Nerf guns and Legos.

  8. What's your favorite thing to wear?
    Nothing. {lol} I just really like all the shirts I have.

  9. What do you do really well?
    I'm really good at doing flips, reading, and I'm really fast when I run.

  10. What makes you laugh?
    Getting tickled.

  11. What are you afraid of?
    I'm afraid of lightning when it flashes at night.

  12. Who is your best friend?

  13. What's the best thing about your big brother?
  14. He's funny when he dances and acts crazy.

  15. What's the best thing about your little sister?
  16. She plays Roblox with me and she jumps on the trampoline with me.

  17. What do you like to do with your parents?
    I like to go in the deer woods with Daddy to put the deer feeder out and I like to play with Mommy.

  18. What do you love to learn about?
    Well I love to learn about math because it's fun, especially subtracting.

  19. Where do you like to go?
    I like to go to iJump and go in the foam pits and ninja course.

  20. What is your favorite book?
    Fly Guy books, because they're funny.

  21. What is your favorite movie?
    Wizard of Oz, the tornado part and the flying monkeys are so creepy.

  22. If you had one wish, what would it be?
    To be a billionaire! I would buy all the Nerf guns and a dirt bike, and get people to cook for us and work for us and clean our house.

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